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heat pump chiller difference between air conditioning


water source heat pump chillers with economic and practical, environmental protection, wide range of applications and other advantages, is widely used in life. In many areas, the system is used in the construction of supporting facilities, it meets the requirements of renewable energy technologies, in response to the strategic concept of sustainable development. I now for everyone to introduce what is a water source heat pump chillers? What is the difference between it and air conditioning? Water source heat pump chiller First, what is a water source heat pump chiller "Water source heat pump" Chiller is also known as the cold and warm Water Chiller, heating and cooling units to the air conditioning system in the summer to provide frozen water. In the winter air-conditioning systems to provide air-conditioning hot water, or directly to the interior to provide cold and hot air. The working principle of the heat pump of the chiller is to take heat from the environment by the evaporator of the chiller and compensate the work (electric energy) consumed by the compressor, and the condenser of the chiller cools the user to make the required heat water. Second, the difference between water source heat pump chillers and air conditioners Traditional design of the air-conditioning system is more used in chiller cooling, boiler heating, or the use of lithium bromide unit to provide both cold water and hot water. The use of boilers as heat sources poses the problem of high environmental pollution and operating costs and lowers energy consumption. Chillers, on the other hand, operate by heat pumps to supply heat and provide hot water, making it possible to use not only clean energy such as electricity but also Comprehensive energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption.
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