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Screw-type chiller is a kind of refrigeration equipment, which is used for cooling. It is usually used in cooling cooling of industrial equipment or air conditioning in the whole room (also known as central air-conditioning mainframe), because its cooling power is large, usually Only one or a few mainframes in a building can meet the needs of air conditioning. Industry is commonly used in pharmaceuticals, electronics, plastics, metallurgy, etc., to improve production efficiency!
1. Use
Water-cooled screw chillers are widely used in industrial environment, factory equipment cooling and chemical, planting, reactor, fermenter, hospital, refrigeration and other industries of various scales of industrial refrigeration engineering, KDS screw freezer is the company's collection Years of experience in the design and production of chillers, combined with the development of zui new technology and painstaking research, design and development of chillers. This product is fast-changing development trend, adhering to the "efficient, reliable, energy-saving, environmentally friendly" design concept, to provide users with an excellent refrigeration equipment.
2. Features
The Water-cooled Screw Chiller adopts international famous brand screw compressor, and is equipped with high-quality high-efficiency copper tube to make condenser, evaporator and world famous brand control components, which makes the unit have the advantages of small volume, low noise, high energy, long life and easy operation. Its beautiful and exquisite shape design and reliable and stable high-performance quality excel in its class!
Compressor features:
2 Compressor adopts international brand, new high-efficiency spiral rotor compressor, which is 20%-30% higher than general compressor performance, and has obtained multi-national patents and ISO9001 international quality certification.
2 High efficiency control 5:6 patent asymmetric rotor tooth type.
2 Capacity control can be four-stage (100% - 75% - 50% - 25%) or three-stage (100 - 66% - 33%) and stepless control system.
2 It adopts high-efficiency steel and special groove design, and is equipped with internal and external omnidirectional design cooling flow passages, so that the compressor motor can exert high efficiency under any load.
2 unique built-in hydraulic system, no need for oil pump also ensures that the compressor maintains good lubrication.
2 oil separator adopts double-layer filtration mode, the oil filtering effect is good, and the heat exchanger can exert the large capacity of Zui.
2 high efficiency, low noise, low vibration.
2 The system is equipped with functions such as motor overload, short circuit protection, overheating, high pressure, low pressure, compressor delay start protection, water flow protection, etc. The unit is safe and reliable;
3. Working principle
The main components of the unit are: compressor, condenser, drying filter, gas-liquid separator, expansion valve, evaporator and control instrument and control components.
The working principle is as follows:
Refrigeration principle: When the refrigeration system is working, the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas discharged from the compressor enters the condenser and is condensed into a medium-temperature supercooled liquid. The low-temperature expansion valve is throttled and reduced to become a low-temperature low-pressure vapor-liquid two-phase mixture entering the evaporator. The heat of the brine flowing through the evaporator is evaporated and absorbed in the evaporator, so that the refrigerant flowing through the evaporator is cooled, and the vapor is vaporized and then sucked by the compressor to continuously circulate, thereby achieving the purpose of cooling.
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