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Dongguan Hongsai Machinery Co Ltd is a high tech company specializing in temperature control engineering with 16 years of rich production experience It is an integrated company covering areas of product design manufacture and marketing Main products Chiller series including water cooled chiller air cooled chiller open type chiller screw chiller industrial chiller low temperature water chiller circulating water chiller freezer small chiller etc Mold Temperature Machine Series Heating and temperature controlling facilities including water circulation mold temperature machine oil circulation mold temperature machine rubber mechanical temperature controller aluminum magnesium alloy die casting...

Categories and Products

Water Cooled Chiller

3HP Water Cooled Chiller

Plastic 3hp Small Water Cooled Water Chiller CE Certification Water-cooled Chiller in Electric Industry New Product Industral Water Cooled Scroll Chiller High Quality water cooler 3HP Industrial Chiller Water chiller system with high quality materials Hot sales water cooled screw chiller 9kw cooling capacity industrial water cooled chiller price 

4HP Water Cooled Chiller

Factory Water Cooled Water Chiller System Water Cooled Chiller of 12Kw Cooling Capacity Industrial Centrifugal Compressor Water Chiller Outdoor cooling system chiller 1 ton price industrial water cooled chiller 

5HP Water Cooled Chiller

Water Cooled Recycling Chiller For Injection Moulding Industrial Cooler Indirectly Chilling Wine Chiller 5Hp Water Cooled Chiller Cooled Chiller System design High Quality Favourable Price water cooled chiller Industrial water chiller unit cooled system design High Quality Water Chiller Water Industrial Chiller Water industrial screw chiller for sales 5hp industrial water cooled chiller Cooling Machine system 

6HP Water Cooled Chiller

6hp Water Cooling Chiller Price Industrial Chiller 18kw water cooled chiller for injection molding machine Water chiller unit for Ice factory 24kw adn 8 ton water cooled chiller Industrial water cooling chiller for sales 

8HP Water Cooled Chiller

Trade Assurance 8HP Industrial Water Cooling Chiller Water Cooled Type Industrial Refrigeration Chiller Centrifugal chiller with 24kw water-cooled chiller Water cooled chiller system design 8hp 22.4kw glycol chiller machine 

10HP Water Cooled Chiller

10hp Industrial Cooling Machine Water Cool Chiller 30kw Cooling Capacity Chiller Water Cooling Machine 10hp water cooled water chiller unit 8ton industrial water cooled chiller 

12HP Water Cooled Chiller

Hot Selling Circulating 12hp Water Cool Chiller 12hp Factory Price Industrial Media Water Cooled Chiller 10 Ton Cooling Capacity Water Cooled Chiller 36kw water cooled chiller with copper chiller Cooled chiller unit industrial water cooling machine chiller 

15HP Water Cooled Chiller

Water Chiller For Printing Machine Modular Chiller 15hp swimming pool water cooled chiller Water cooled industrial chiller unit Cold water chiller system design chiller unit 

20HP Water Cooled Chiller

20HP Water Cooled Chiller Cooling Unit 60KW Cooling Unit For Industrial Refrigeration Chiller 15 Ton Industrial Water Cooled Chiller 15ton water chiller design used cooling system chiller Industrial water cooled chiller cooled design system 

25HP Water Cooled Chiller

Industrial Chillers Cooling Towers Scroll Chiller 25hp water chiller system 

30HP Water Cooled Chiller

Hot Selling Industrial Water Chiller Water Cool Chiller 30hp water cooled chiller type cooled system 

HS-40W water cooled chiller

Factory Price 40HP Water Cooled Industrial Water Chiller 

HS-60W Water Cooled Chiller

Water Tank Chiller Qatar 60hp Water Cool Chiller 

HS-50W Water Cooled Chiller

50hp Brewery Chiller Water Chiller Design Chemical Industry Refrigerating Chiller 

Air Cooled Chiller

Water Chiller

3KW Air Cooled Industrial Water Chiller Laser Industrial Water Chiller System 1hp Industrial Chiller Mini Water Chiller System Industry Used Chiller Central Air Conditioner Air Chiller 1hp 3kw Air Cooled Scroll Water Chiller Air cooled chiller system for sales 1hp 2.8kw mini glycol chiller air cooled 5kw mini air chiller industrial cooling system 

Air Chiller

6KW Air Cooled Chiller for Combination Machine Brewery 2HP Industrial Air Cooled Water Chiller Air cooled industrial chiller for sales 2hp air cooled glycol chiller machine mini seawater chiller fishing boat chiller 

Industrial Cooling Syetem

Air Cooled Water Chiller System Air-cooled Chiller for Machinery Industry Commercial air cooled chiller units air cooled industrial water chiller laser industry 

Glycol Chiller System

Industrial Air cooled Chiller System High efficiency air water cooling system 11.2kw water chiller air cooled system glycol chiller 

Chiller Cooling System

5HP Air Cooled Chiller System 4 Ton Chiller Air Cooled Industrial Chiller 5hp industrial water chiller factory price 

Beer Chiller

Chiller Unit Air Cooled Chiller 6hp for Molded Hot Sale Industrial Glycol Chiller Standing Chiller Low Price High-tech Air Cooled Glycol Beer Chiller 5 Ton Industrial Air Cooled Water Chiller 6HP Industrial air-cooled water chillers 

Chillers For Injection

Air Cooled Aquarium Water Chiller Industrial Water Chillers For Injection Mould Machine 

CNC Water Chiller

10HP Air Cooled Industrial Glycol Chiller CNC Cutting Systems Air Cooled Water Chiller 

Copper Coil Heat Exchanger

Low Price 36KW Air Cooled Water Chiller 12HP Brewery Chiller Winery Chillers with Low Price 12hp air chiller 33.6kw copper coil heat exchanger 

Chiller For Plastic Film

15HP Chiller for Plastic Injection Molding Machine Air Cooled Chiller For Cooling Big Plastic Film 15hp Industrial air cooled water chiller injection plastic 

Low Temp Chiller

Air Cooled Chiller in Plastic Molding Industry 15ton air cooled industrial water chiller low temp chiller air cooled chiller price 

Air Cooled Chiller For Die Casting

25hp Air Cooled Chiller for Die Casting Air Cooled Chiller Unit With Scroll Copeland Compressor industrial air cooled screw chiller carrier best price 

Chillers For Plastic Blown Film

90KW Cooling System Industrial Water Chiller Air Cooled Plastic Blown Film Coolers Low power consumption air cooled chiller carrier price 

Oil Chiller

Oil Chiller

Small injection moulding machine hydraulic oil water chiller oil chiller for cnc machine oil filter 

Oil Free Chiller

Industrail oil free chiller for hydraulic 

Industrial Oil Chiller

7.5kw air cooled industrial oil chiller 2ton oil cooled chiller for cnc machine 

Hydraulic Oil Chiller

hydraulic oil cooling system oil water chiller 

Oil Cooling Chiller

oil cooling chiller for hydraulic system 

Water Cooled Screw Unit

Chiller For Electroplating

100Kw Water Cooled Screw Chiller for Electroplating CE Certified Industrial Screw Water Cooled Glycol Chiller 

Screw Waters Chiller

Industrial Water Cooled Screw Chiller System Favourable price price industrial water cooled screw chiller 


Low Temperature Water-cooled Screw Chiller 

Water Cooled Screw Chiller

380V/415V Water Cooled Screw Chiller Plant 180Kw 

Screw Chiller For Coating Machine

Industrial Water Cooled Screw Chiller for Coating Machine high quality 200kw industrial water cooled screw chiller 

Mold Temperature Control machine

Water Temperature Control unit

Water Type Mold Temperature Control Unit 180 Degree Hot Water Temperature Control Machine 9kw Water Heating Mold Temperature Controller Water Circulating Temperature Controller with Cooling System Hot Runner Water Temperature Control Systems 18kw mold temperature controller for plastic machine 

Oil Temperature Control unit

Industrial Oil Heating Mould Temperature Controller 6kw 200 Degree Oil Temperature Control Unit 300 Degree Oil Heating Mold Temperature Controller Advantage Temperature Control Unit Heating Cooling 120 ° 18kw oil circulation Mould Temperature Controller rubber injection moulding machine temperature controller 6kw Oil mold Temperature Control machine 

Injection Temperature Control unit

9kw Injection Mold Temperature Controller Industrial Injection Mould Temperature Control Unit Water Mold Temp Controller for Injection Injection Moulding Temperature Control Unit Water Heater 

Die-casting Temperature Control unit

24kw Die-casting Mold Temperature Controller 18kw Industrial Die-casting Temperature Control Unit Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Temperature Control Machine 36kw Die-casting Oil Circulating Temperature Control Machine 

Extrusion Temperature Control unit

12kw Extrusion Temperature Control Machine Mold Temp Control Unit For Extrusion 50kw Plastic Extrusion Mold Temperature Controller 

Rubber Temperature Control unit

24kw Mold Temperature Controller for Rubber Rubber Injection Extrusion Mould Temp Controller 

High Temperature Control unit

350 Degree High Temperature Oil Temperature Controller 180 Degree Industrial Water Temperature Controller High Temperature Oil Mold Temperature Controller 

Low Chiller

Low Temperature Air Cooled Chiller

Industrial Air Cooled Low-temperature Chiller Medical Cryogenic Air Cooled Chiller Chemical Use Cold Water Chiller Air Cooled Chiller Low-temperature Small Laboratory Air Cooled Chiller Air Cooled Glycol Low Temperature Chiller Cutting Machine Laser Air Cooled Chiller 

Low Temperature Water Cooled Chiller

Low Temperature Water-cooled Industrial Chiller Price Customized Low Temperature Water Cooled Chiller Low Price 15KW Low Temperature Chiller for Film Low-temperature Chiller for Textile Water Cooled Chiller Water Cooled Low Temperature Chiller for Food Processing 

Chiller Spare Parts

Shell And Tube Evaporator

Heat Exchanger Water Chiller Evaporator Stainless Steel Shell and Tube Evaporator 

Shell And Tube Condenser

Water Chiller Spare Parts Stainless Steel Condenser Copper Coil Chiller Condenser Heat Exchanger Types Of Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger Condenser New Design Shell Tube Chiller Parts Condenser Shell Tube Heat Exchanger Condenser Chiller Spare Parts 

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